The weather in Florida is crazy. You almost never know what is going to happen minus the fact that it will be hot, and it could rain a lot. Nothing can derail your Disney World vacation like going during bad weather. Whether you cannot stand the heat, or the idea of being drizzled on all day makes you want to cry this guide will help you decided when is the best time you should visit Disney World based on the weather.

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spring is pleasant with temperatures ranging from 78-88 from march-may respectively. The only thing you really have to worry about at this time is the rain. You can expect to encounter frequent showers and all day drizzle.

Make sure to pack you PONCHOS, and a collapsable UMBRELLA.

Besides the rain Spring is actually one of the best times to visit Disney since it will be sunny yet you will not swelter like you will in the summer months. Now even though the day is warm the nights during this time can be chilly so definitely make sure you pack a lightweight jacket like this one HERE in your park bag for the nights.

The best weather for visiting Walt Disney World is going to be different for everyone. Florida weather is unpredicatable besides the fact that it is almost always at least mostly warm. Hopefully you will have a better idea of just what weather ou should visit Disney World in for your next vacation.


The summer is the worst time for people who hate dealing with the heat to visit. Not only is it hot during these months, but afternoon showers keep the humidity high. Almost nothing feels worse than that sweaty wet feeling you get in Florida when it is really hot and super humid.

During this time make sure to wear a waterproof sunscreen THIS is my personal favorite, and pack things like a FROG TOG CHILLY PAD in order to help keep yourself cool.

Also if you are traveling with little ones make sure to take frequent breaks, and consider investing in a STROLLER FAN. 

Now it may seem like Summer would be one of the worst times of year to visit Disney, but it can actually be a good one for you and your family. If you live somewhere where it is routinely very hot and humid you should be fine dealing with the Florida heat.



Fall is overall one of the best times based on weather to visit Disney World. The average temperature in Orlando in October is 84 degrees. Fall may be a bit milder than summer, but these months are prime sunburn time make sure you watch out for the sun and protect your skin.

Hurricane season also peaks in September so make sure to prepare for the fact that something could happen and you can end up not being able to visit at the time you wanted, or you could be stuck for a day or two unable to enter the parks like with 2017’s hurricane Irma.



The winter months of December January and February are typically the most pleasant in the Orlando area. The average temperature hovers around 70 degrees, and there is little rain. One thing to note when traveling in the winter is that even though the temperature stays pleasant you may have a couple of pretty darn cold and drizzly days, and still make need a WATERPROOF JACKET to be comfortable.

January and February also end up being a great time to visit crowd wise so definitely consider these months for your next vacation.

So the best time is:

Well, it depends on you, and your family and what type of climate you currently live in. Afterall you do not want to be stuck in 100 degrees Florida sun and humidity if you live where the highs stay in the 80’s.

You can also make sure you prepare for any weather by parking a park bag that will take you from morning to night when visiting

Hopefully, you can now better determine when is the best time to go to Disney World based on weather. Of course, anything is possible when it comes to weather since you cannot really control it (especially in Florida), but at least you have a general idea of what will be best for you.

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