The theme-park world has been abuzz with speculations lately that Universal Studios is opening up a 5th gate. This has just been rumors until today. Universal is opening a new park in Orlando Florida giving them a 5th gate which will be known as Epic Universe!

This is a big move by Universal to make them selves more competitive, and to try to compete more with Disney. Universal has been trying hard lately to one up the house of the mouse with the opening of Hagrid’s Magical Motorbikes, and now the announcement of this 5th gate. This was also apparent at the press conference where Universal threw shade at Disney stated that a Universe is bigger than a land. 

As of right now Universal Consist of Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Volcano Bay water park. When the new park opens however they will have a whole other Universe just a few miles away from CityWalk. From the concept art provided by Universal it seems as if this park will be set on its own and looks to be bigger then the other 3 combined. Now Universal is being hush hush with the actual details of the park with the concept art down below being all we really know about the park.

Universal Studios Epic Universe concept art. Universal opening a new park

As you can see we can tell that this new Universal theme park Epic Universe will contain rides, theme park lands, shopping, and what seems to be a hotel. Even though we know there will be rides and world though we do not currently know what these will be as Universal said the nature of the competitive theme-park business limits the amount of detail the company can provide at this time. 

Universal opening a new park in Orlando Florida. Universal is opening up Epic Universe

As of right now it is just speculations as to what the new park will entail. My best guess is that the new Nintendo Land will be a big feature of this new park with possibly a How to Train Your Dragon, and Fantastic Beast Area. 

We will continue to keep everything updated as Universal announces more details about the new park.

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