Fastpasses are a staple of every Disney vacation. there is nothing worse than wasting your precious park time waiting in line after line, and feeling like you are not accomplishing everything you want to. That is just what fastpasses do they let you bypass the attraction lines and get more done in less time. You can really make sure you make the most of your fastpasses by making sure to take advantage of and book the top three fastpasses in every park.

These top fastpass attractions are an important part of any expert fastpass strategy and go along perfectly with these 10 fastpass secrets to upgrade your Disney vacation.

Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom currently holds two of the attractions that garner the longest wait times at Disney World. These attractions are in Pandora the World of Avatar and are both tier-one attractions.

Tier 1

  • Avatar Flight of Passage

This attraction should be your number one priority when not only planning your Animal Kingdom day but also your fastpasses for your entire trip. It is not uncommon for the waits on this attraction to top over 200 minutes making this one that you will want to make sure to fastpass.

These Flight of Passage secrets will help you appreciate this marvel of an attraction even more.

  • Navi River Journey

If you cannot ride Flight of Passage or are not interested in riding a flight simulator this should be your second pick for your Animal Kingdom day. 

Tier 2

The two most important tier 2 attractions for you to book in Animal Kingdom are

  • Expedition Everest 

A wild coaster through the mountains to search for the mysterious Yeti. The best Expedition Everest facts can be found here.

  • Kilimanjaro Safari

The reason why Animal Kingdom was built in the first place. it is a safari ride that is like going to a zoo only bigger and better.

The top 3 fastpasses you need to get for every Disney World park. Make your day at Disney World better by taking advantage of the best pastpasses to get for every Disney World park.


Epcot is an interesting park to pick the top three fastpasses at as most of the e-ticket attractions are tier 1 attractions. This makes planning your Epcot day really up to the interest of you and your party.

Tier 1

However, there is a Tier 1 attraction that is the hardest fastpass to get in the park and one that is your best bet to schedule beforehand.

  • Frozen Ever After

This enchanting boat ride in the Norway pavilion will bring you to Elsa’s summer snow day while traveling through popular scenes and music from the movie.

Tier 2

The tier 2 attractions at Epcot do not really need a fastpass, but it is advantageous to get a couple of these to either pass a long morning wait or to be able to get another tier 1 fastpass throughout the day.

  • Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is the attraction housed in Epcot’s geodesic dome icon. This dark ride will have you thanking the Phoenicians for all of the wonderful contributions to the languages of today.

  • Turtle Talk with Crush

Turtle Talk with Crush is a fun show for kids of all ages that will surprise children with just how interactive it can be. Crush spends the whole show interacting with the audience and with the kids sitting on the floor up front gives everyone a chance to talk to their favorite sea turtle.

Hollywood Studios

Everything is about to change at Hollywood Studios with the addition of Galaxy’s Edge as all rides except for Star Tours will be tier 1, and all shows and Star Tours will be Tier 2. Mix that with Smugglers Run not having fastpass to start with and it can be confusing as to which are the top three fastpasses at Hollywood Studios. However there are a couple of attractions that really warrant the use of a precious fastpass reservation.

Tier 1

  • Slinky Dog Dash

Slinky Dog is the family launch coaster located in Toy story Land. Slinky opened in June of 2018, and has been one of the longest waits in the park ever since. There is so much to love about this coaster which you can read about here

Tier 2

  • Star Tours

Star Tours is the only non-show in Hollywood Studios tier 2 attractions. This makes Star Tours your number one priority of your tier 2 fastpasses. This motion simulator is a great one to ride multiple times if you can as well as the sequence of videos is different every time. So make sure that you hit this one up outside of your fastpass window if the wait time is under 20 minutes to see what sequence of events you get the second time.

  • Frozen Sing Along

Everyone is going to have a different favorite show in Hollywood Studios, and mine is the Frozen Sing along especially when Equity Ben is performing ( you can find his schedule here on his Instagram).

The top 3 fastpasses you need for every park on your Disney vacation.

The Magic Kingdom

The best thing about fastpasses at Magic Kingdom is that all the attractions are in the same tier so you are not limited on which attractions you can combine together for the day. The Magic Kingdom has a few attractions that getting a fastpass for should really be your priority. These are the attractions that tend to have the longest wait, however your mileage may vary as the right fastpass for you in this park will depend upon whether you like thrill rides, need non thrill rides, are taking a multi generational trip and many other scenarios. Below you will find my top three fastpass reservation priorities based upon wait times on a normal park operating day.

  • 7 Dwarfs Mine Train

Mine Train is a fun family coaster/ dark ride hybrid located in Fantasyland. This is the newest attraction in the Magic Kingdom and thus always has the longest wait of any ride within the park. This is also the hardest to score fastpass and should be priority one when booking your Magic Kingdom days.

  • Peter Pan’s Flight

Peter Pans Flight has been around since the opening day of the Magic Kingdom, but that does not stop it from having one of the longest wait times in the park. It could be the nostalgia, or just the sensation of flying over this beloved classic Disney film, but people tend to love this dark ride. Peter Pans flight is also an attraction that everyone can partake in and a great choice for parents of little children, and those taking a multi generational trip.

  • Space, Splash, Big Thunder

For your other fastpass reservation any of the three mountains within the park are a great pick. You can choose from the iconic Space Mountain, the wet Splash Mountain, or the wildest ride in the wilderness Big Thunder. 

Another suggestion depending upon who is going to the park is to just make all three mountains your three fastpass picks for the day. 

Hopefully you will have a better understanding now of what the top three fastpasses to get for ever Disney park are. By setting your fastpasses up correctly you are sure to save time and at Disney World time is surely money. 


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