You may be wondering as an adult just what to do at Magic Kingdom Disney World. The thing is that there are so many things that you should never wonder is  Magic Kingdom for adults. From fun shows parades and snacks there are plenty of things around the park to entertain you. Make sure to add the following best rides for adults at the Magic Kingdom to make a Magic Kingdom itinerary for adults. After taking in these attractions you will never wonder is Disney World worth it for adults again.

After all one of the questions, we get a lot around here is what are the best rides at Disney World Magic Kingdom, and we have to say it sometimes depends on your age. 

We also have a list of the Best Rides for Toddlers at the Magic Kingdom as well if you are planning for the whole family.




Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is “ The Wildest Ride in the Wilderness” well at least according to the onboarding promotional speech. This runaway mine train set in the barren landscape of the Wild West is actually a pretty tame coaster that stays pretty close to the ground and thus does not have any big dips. Even though this coaster is tame it is still a lot of fun especially if you get the chance to ride it at night during the fireworks show.



Space mountain is an iconic roller coaster through outer space that takes place in the dark. You start by getting into a rocket ship that holds three people in a row and then blasts off through what I can only describe as a take-off sequence.

3. The Haunted Mansion


 Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite rides at the Magic Kingdom and just at Disney in general. Haunted Mansion is a dark ride where you board your Doom Buggy and travel through the happy home of 999 haunts with room for one more.

Learning about the Story and History of the Haunted Mansion will help you enjoy, and appreciate it even more.

One interesting thing that most people don’t know is that you actually do become the 1000th happy haunt in the Mansion which happens when your Doom Buggy Tripp’s backward and starts going down a decline. Pay attention to how the ghost becomes more real, and start interacting with you more after you go back it really makes the ride story make more sense, and makes it one of the best Magic Kingdom rides for adults.

4. 7 Dwarfs Mine Train


The 7 Dwarfs Mine Train in Fantasyland in the Magin Kingdom is one of the best rides at Disney World. This family coaster is fun for all ages. Even though it is a great first coaster for kids it is even better for adults. The coaster itself is super smooth and has some great nostalgia. The seamless transition from coaster to short dark ride is something you will not see anywhere else. This is especially appreciated by adults as it is a nice novelty. 

5. The Carousel of Progress


It takes a deeper appreciation of the history of Disney theme parks, and history to really enjoy this attraction the way it should be enjoyed. The Carousel of Progress was first made for the World’s Fair and helped to Make Disney a household name for attractions. This is the epitome of one of the best Disney rides for adults. Yes, this is not the most thrilling attraction in Tomorrowland, but it is definitely something that can be very entertaining. 

6. Pirates of the Carribean

Pirates is an iconic ride in Adventureland and have helped to inspire one of Disney’s most successful movie franchises to date. 

This swashbuckling adventure has something for everyone from pirates to witty banter and a fun surprise drop in the dark. This ride will keep any adult entertained from beginning to end.

7. Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

This Buzz Lightyear based shooting game is so much fun. You will board a space vehicle with one other person where you each get a laser gun. The goal here is to defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg by shooting the Z targets all along the ride. This is great to ride with someone that is competitive as you will both compete to become a galactic hero.

If competition and lasers were not enough you also get a joystick in the middle of your vehicle in order to spin yourself around to shoot the most targets, and gain points. Make sure you do not miss this Tomorrowland ride with the other adults in your party.

8. The People Mover

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority People Mover may not be the most exciting attraction in the Magic Kingdom, but it is beloved by many adults. This gentle attraction takes you on a tour of Tomorrowland. From going through Space Mountain to past Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger spin with windows you can see down into the ride through it is a good time. You will get to see so many cool things and it is a great way to get yourself ready for enjoying this Walt Disney World land. 

9. The Jungle Cruise

The Jungle Cruise is definitely a ride made with adults in mind. This boat ride through the rivers of Africa is likely to go on for Niles and Niles. While there is plenty to see while on this attraction the real draw here is the backside of water… actually I’m just joking it is really the jokes that make this one of the best rides at Magic Kingdom adults love. 

All throughout the journey, your skipper will be making jokes and puns and some of them even though they are wholesome you have to be an adult to fully enjoy. Even if you are not a big pun fan I am sure you will find something funny on this as it is one of the best Disney rides for adults. This ride can be different depending on what skipper you get so it has extra re ridability as well. They even turn it into the Jingle Cruise at Christmas time filled with merry holiday jokes and decor.

10. Splash Mountain

Last but not least is Splash Mountain. Splash is beloved by so many Disney fans that it really has become one of the best log flume rides at Disney as well as one of the top ten rides at all of Disney Parks.

This is a great attraction for adults as it tells a story and is thrilling at the same time. Who doesn’t want to plunge 50ft into the Briar patch to escape the Laughing Place? If you only get the chance to ride one iconic mountain while at the Magic Kingdom definitely consider Splash Mountain.

You can also learn more about the iconic attraction HERE.

As you can see there are plenty of adult rides at Disney World. These top 10 Magic Kingdom rides for adults are sure to help you have a great day at the most magical place on Earth.

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