It is no secret that I love Disney World, and Disney parks in general. I have no problem going multiple times a week, and will never turn down a trip to the parks. However as someone who is at Disney World once a week I sometimes encounter things and situations that either frustrate me or I think can be handled better. Even though the downsides of going to Disney are few there are some things that are not the most magical.

After all everything in life even Disney World has some not so magical bits.

Magic Kingdom has its own list of things that suck which you can find here.

1. Disney is Expensive


It is no secret that a Disney vacation comes at a cost, and most of the time that cost is high. From paying for theme park tickets to travel, and not to mention your resort stay you could be easily be spending thousands of dollars. There are also considerations such as food, lodging, and well all the extra special things you will want to do on your vacation to the Most Magical Place on Earth. 

Make sure to take advantage of different specials that happen throughout the year such as free dining. You can also used an approved Disney travel agent that will help you not only plan your whole vacation, but save money as well at no cost to you.

Of course there is one way that you can save potentially hundreds while on you Disney World vacation.

The things that may suck at Disney World. There are downsides of going to Disney, and thins post will help you see just what those Disney World trip downsides are.

2. Disney Parks May Not have Enough Thrills


Now Disney parks are known for being family oriented so it may come as no surprise that some people think that Disney does not having any thrilling rides that would be good for other clientele. There are rides that have big thrills and great if you have teenagers and such, but it is true that most experiences are meant to be enjoyed by everyone. This does make Disney great for families that have little ones, or those that are planning multi generational trips. 

If you are looking for some thrills you may want to check out

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After all Walt made Disneyland originally because he wanted a place where the whole family could enjoy a day together, and Disney World followed in those footsteps.

3. Disney is Not a Relaxing Vacation


Now this one is a bit controversial as you can have a relaxing vacation at Disney, but really with all there is to see and do you will not want to relax. Since Disney is an expensive vacation you may feel like you are only getting your monies worth when you try to do everything.

The best way to combat this is to build a rest/resort day into the middle of your vacation. Take a day to swim, check out Disney Springs, and do a resort tour or two.

4. It Takes a lot of Planning to Have a Good Disney Vacation


You will never plan for a vacation like you will plan for a Disney World vacation. The planning can start as much as a year in advance, and has several steps along the way ( you can read about the Important Disney World Planning Dates HERE).

There are things that you need to know you are going to want to do, and at what time starting at 180 day which is when you can plan your Advanced Dining Reservations. If you are the type that likes to go on vacation without at least a general plan Disney World may not be the place for you although you can still have a great time at Disney World without a plan.

5. At Disney You Will Wait for Everything


Yes you really will wait for everything, and then some. You already know there will be a wait for the rides, but you will also have waits for everything else. You will wait for characters, food, bathrooms, parades, fireworks, shows and probably more things that i am missing. 

This makes making those fastpasses and Advance Dining Reservations important as they will help to mitigate your waiting so you can get more done in less time.

Make sure you are planning your Disney vacation on the right dates using this Disney World vacation planning guide.


Make sure to read this secret fastpass tip post to help you get any hard to get fastpass easily

A Disney vacation is a great experience. However there are still some downsides of taking a Disney vacation. Going to Disney World is a dream of many but that does not mean that things will not and may not go wrong.

6. It Gets Really Hot in Orlando


Florida is a very hot state, and depending upon what time of the year you visit you will feel as if your face is melting off 24/7. This is especially true in the summer months, and the humidity does nothing to help with this. A lot of people will combat this by bringing in wearable fans, and fans that can be clipped to strollers.

Make sure to take in some shows throughout the day such as Nemo in Animal Kingdom, and Carousel of Progress in the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland to take advantage of the air conditioning. Longer rides such as Splash Mountain also are a great way to cool, down.


7. The Crowds at Disney Can be Overwhelming


This will not surprise you as you should already know that Disney world can be a crowded place. There are approximately 53,000 people in the parks on any given day, and there have been days where Magic Kingdom has been at capacity, Imagine sharing th Magic Kingdom with 65,000+. Now this is not a normal days numbers, but even on a normal day the crowds at Disney World can be a lot to handle. 

Be strategic about your use of fastpasses, make your Advance Dining Reservations, and take advantage of special parade and fireworks viewing packages that come with certain dining experiences, and you will be able to beat the crowds.

Hopefully this list does not scare you from going to the Most Magical Place on Earth. A Disney vacation is something that I think everyone should take at least once in their lives, and is my happy place. Knowing the bad things, and the downsides of going to Disney can hopefully just help you prepare for your Disney vacation. After all there are ways to beat every single issue and make your trip to Disney World everything you want it to be and more.



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