Oddly enough, the one question I always get asked the most by my friends and family when they are going to Disney World is not about budgeting, or what they should pack, or even about where they should eat.

No, the question that I get asked about the most is how they can get those hard to get fastpasses. People see me all the time Posting, and talking to them about always going on Flight of Passage, Slinky Dog, and Frozen with a fastpass, and they want to know how they can get what I do all the time.

Their frustration with not getting these hard to get fastpasses is warranted as well. Even with the 60 and 30-day windows that Disney gives you to book your fastpasses before your vacation, these attractions can still be elusive.

(Speaking of your fastpass window: make sure not to miss your essential vacation planning dates)

The most popular of these being for Flight of PassageSlinky Dog Dash, and 7 Dwarfs Mine Train ( which also happen to be 3 of the most critical fastpasses to get at Disney World).

The great thing is there is a trick, and it is one that is super easy, and ANYONE can do it.

So to get down to it, here’s the fastpass secret, and what it is that I tell the people that mean most to me to do.

Make sure to read this to learn the fastpass tip that helped me immensely when planning my disney world vacation. this fastpass secret helped me get those hard to get fastpass easily, and I was able to get every fastpass I wanted.

The Fastpass secret is:

Pound the App

Yup, there is even a name for it, and the Disney experts are well experts at taking advantage of this little fastpass grabbing secret.

The way it works is that you go into the My Disney Experience app, pull up a day within the next day or two, and go through all the times that they have under fastpass availability over and over until you get the fastpass you are looking to obtain.

It may sound confusing, but it is actually effortless to do and can happen anywhere you have access to the internet.

Pounding the app is usually is guaranteed to work because people are changing their Disney World plans continuously, especially in the days leading up to their trip to the parks. When someone changes their plans, Disney then puts the fastpass that was dropped back into circulation so that someone can grab it.

This refresh is, in essence, why this works so well as you will be regularly cycling through the times on the app just waiting for someone to change their plans so you can grab that hard to get coveted fastpass.

Step one: Pull up the My Disney Experience app, and go to fastpasses

The first step is an easy and obvious one. Before you can pick which park, day, and attraction you want for your fastpass, you need to pull up the My Disney Experience app. You can also do this online through a browser, but it is easier to do the next few steps on the app.

Step two: Pick the day and people you are wanting to get your fastpass for

The one fastpass plus tip you needs for your next disney vacation

This fastpass secret and strategy tends to work best exactly 30 days before your visit, and then the couple of days leading up to the day, followed by the morning of the day you are going to a particular park right at AM EST, and then within the first 45 minutes the park is open.


Expert Level tip: If you have a larger party that you are needing to get the fastpasses for try breaking up your party into chunks of 2.

You should be able to get times that overlap this way by even a little bit so that your whole party can ride together, and if not you are still saving a significant chunk of time by going back to the attraction more than once and having your split parties use their fastpasses.

Step 3: Pound the app

once you have your party, day and park filled it is time to start pounding the app to get the hard to get fastpass you are looking for.

To do this you keep hitting the times at the top of the screen over and over again until what you are looking for pops up. This can take a couple of minutes or an hour but since you can do it wherever and while you are watching tv or something this saves you a bunch of time in the parks.



This is also a good strategy to use for getting good fastpass while in the parks after you have used your original three.

The one thing you want to make sure of when pounding the app though is that once the fastpass that you want pops up on the screen you need to grab it. I cant tell you how many times I have been using this fastpass strategy and accidentally refreshed a time and missed the first fastpass pop up…

Well there you have you now know the secret expert level fastpass tip that can help you get even the hardest to get attractions easily.



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