There is no questioning the magic of Disney. You feel magic the minute you go from everyday life to Disney property. From walking up Main Street to Cinderella Castle, meeting beloved characters, and even checking into your hotel the “magic” is real and everywhere… It is easy to wish you could sprinkle Disney magic into everyday life.

However, when you are not on Disney property or do not have another trip planned you can start to feel the very real Disney blues. (Yes this is a real thing and can leave you wishing for some Pixie Dust in your everyday life.)

The good news though is that with a little

faith trust and pixie dust

you can sprinkle Disney “magic into everyday life.

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All you need to do is figure out what Disney magic means for you and your family. What do you look most forward to when you think of your next Disney vacation. What was the best moment of your last trip? Was it the time spent with loved ones, the food you ate, or a character you met while there? Once you figure that out you will really know where to focus on bringing Disney magic into your home.

If you and your family found the time spent together to be the most magical thing make sure to find time to just spend together. Watch a Disney movie, or play a Disney board game like Disney Theme Park Monopoly, or Disney Pictionary. Spend time together planning your next vacation or going through photos of the last time you were in the parks.

You can also sprinkle Disney magic into everyday life by trying to recreate the food and dining experiences you found magical. I like to drink my iced coffee every morning out of a tumbler I got from the parks. You can also make copycat Disney recipes such as Doll Whip and the gray stuff.

You can also find Disney magic at home by decorating your house with your vacation photos, Disney art, and character pictures. If you are missing your favorite characters watch a movie featuring them, or spend the Day Disneybounding as them.

No matter how you decide to sprinkle Disney magic into everyday life just remember to do what works for you.Even if that means you wear your magic band to work on a day or watch Cinderella with the Mickey ears you bought on. The magic of Disney is that everyone can experience it and have the magic their way. So go and let that Disney magic into your life and have a great big beautiful tomorrow.

You can easily sprinkle Disney magic into everyday life. Read more to find out how to have a little pixie dust every day

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