The PeopleMover may not seem like the most interesting attraction to go on while in Disney, but it is one of the most important, and one of my personal favorites. Walt’s PeopleMover is a park icon, and one in which Walt had big visions for.

This Tomorrowland staple has a fun history, and some cool facts that make it more interesting then it may seem.

1. Sneak Peek at Troy Coaster Construction


There is currently a new coaster being built in the Magic Kingdom the Tron Lightcycles. This coaster is being built in Tomorrowland next to Space Mountain. This makes catching a glimpse of the ride a bit hard to get that is unless you ride the PeopleMover. The PeopleMover goes right by the construction of this coaster, and you get multiple view of this new E-ticket attraction coming to Disney world in 2021.

These fun things about the Peoplemover at Disney are really interesting. This opening day attraction is beloved by many people, and a classic ride at Disney World.

2. It Has Had a Name Change (x2)


The tomorrowland Transit authority PeopleMover may be a big name for this attraction, but this has not always been its moniker. When the attraction was first built it was called the WEDway PeopleMover that was until 1994 when it was then name the Tomorrowland Transit authority. 

This changed however in 2010 when Disney added PeopleMover back into the name making it the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover… of course you wont hear most people say the whole thing however since it is quite a mouthful.


3. Disneyland’s changed then went away


The PeopleMover at Disneyland was originally a lot like the Disney World equivalent, but in 1998 that all changed. Disney decided to change the PeopleMover in Disneyland into the Rocket Rods. These Rockets were supposed to simulate fast transportation, and were built on the same track the PeopleMover occupied.

These rockets however were shut down in 2000 due to a plethora of technical problems. These problems mainly had to do with the fact that the original track and infrastructure of the PeopleMover was not meant to deal with the fast acceleration of the Rocket Rods and thus started cracking and breaking.

The People Mover in the Magic Kingdom is one of the best places to see the construction of Tron Lightcycles. This is a great attraction to be on when on your Disney World trip.

4. Progress City Model


The PeopleMover was supposed to be a part of Walt’s Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow. You actually get to see a model of what this progress city would have been had Walt been alive to built it while on the attraction. Of course you can see the very attraction the PeopleMover that you are on.

8 fun facts and interesting things about the PeopleMover in the Magic Kingdom. This post will show you why the Peoplemover should not be skipped on your next DisneyWorld trip. There is also a fun secret about riding the PeopleMover you will not want to miss out on.

5. You Can Continuous Ride

The PeopleMover in the Magic Kingdom is one of the only attractions that you can just decide you want to stay on. When the attraction ends just tell the cast member at the end that you want to reside and you will not even have to exit your vehicle. 

I do this every time I am art the parks, and have never been told I have to get up even on the business of days. This also makes this a great attraction to let your little ones sleep on as you can easily go around on this a couple of times and let them take a much needed nap without disruptions.

6. Supposed to be a real thing in the real Epcot


The PeopleMover actually came about because Walt had a very real concept for using them. The PeopleMover was supposed to be a real way for people to get from one place to another in Walt’s Epcot ( Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow).

Instead the PeopleMover became a nice nod within the Magic Kingdom to Walt’s dream of tomorrow, and his community innovations.

The People Mover is one of the best rides at the Magic Kingdom. these People Mover facts will help you love this classic Disney world attraction even more.

7. In the Dark


At Disney World during your trip around Tomorrowland on the PeopleMover there is a section in which you will travel through space Mlountain. during your journey thru the mountain there is a whole section in which you will be in complete darkness. This does not last long, but it really is completely dark and you will not be able to see anything. During this dark period though you will start to hear sounds from Space Mountain.

The PeopleMover at the Magic Kingdom is such a great attractions. See what makes this ride a must do on your next Disney world trip.

8. Sneak Peek at Every Tomorrowland Attraction


The PeopleMover brings you on a grand circle tour of Tomorrowland. 

This grand circle tour brings you past, around, and through every attraction in Tomorrowland. You even get to see inside of Space Mountain where you may get lucky and see it with its lights on. There is also a part where you can look down through windows into Buzz Lightyear’s space Ranger Spin which will definitely leave you wanting to ride it next!

There you have it 8 interesting facts about the PeopleMover. As you can now see this attraction is more then just the slow moving grand circle tour of Tomorrowland that it may seem at first glance. Next time you are at the Magic Kingdom make sure to take a spring on this fun attraction, and learn more about the world of tomorrow.

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