Now before I go any further than the start of this article I want to point out that this is 7 interesting ideas for adding IP to Disney attractions and not 7 Disney attractions that should have or are adding Intelectual Property. This is all just putting myself into the mind of an Imagineer and imagining what could happen whether I actually want it to or not.

Now that we have that out of the way.

When you look back at all the most recent attractions Disney has put out you will see that they are all based around intellectual property. Even looking over at Disneyland you see this to be true. Disney has also been changing original attractions into ones that now feature their own IP. The most recent of these being Maelstrom being turned in Frozen Ever After, and California Screamin into the Incredicoaster in Disney’s Californian Adventure.  That’s not even taking into consideration what is now “Pixar Pier”.

As beloved as these Disney original attractions are it is easy to see that Disney just is not interested in them anymore. Even though you may not want Disney to change your favorite attractions it is still fun to think of all the different interesting ideas and rides that could support IP.

7 interesting ideas for adding IP to Disney attractions

Jungle Cruise= Jungle Book

Jungle Cruise is a classic Disney ride which would be really easy to transition to Jungle Book. The scene with the elephants in the water could be changed into a scene with Bear Necessities playing and Baloo with fruit floating around. After this the scene that you go into the ruins would make a cool place for the battle with Shere Kahn, or when Mowgli meets King Louie.

Space Mountain= The Incredibles

How cool would a dark coaster starring the incredible be? I imagine going through lasers and having force fields from Violet popping up right before your car.  The Incredible theme song would also make the perfect background music for this as well.

They could also model this after the fight with the Underminer where you start outside, and follow him underground, and ending at saving the day.

Test Track= Wreck it Ralph

This is the one change that I would personally love to see. This would be such a fun change, and could easily be done with leaving the actually ride track that is currently installed in place.

Before the attraction, you would still make your own vehicle but it would be made out of cookies, and candies and stuff just like in Wreck it Ralph.

Then you would take your car on a race against King Candy ( well Turbo). The beginning where the car makes hard turns, starts and stops suddenly and slides all around would be you glitching through the beginning of the race. Then when you go outside you would be making your final sprint through Sugar Rush to secure the victory and win your very own gold medal.

Grand Fiesta Tour= Coco

This particular IP attraction takes over is a little bit of a cheat. There have been rumors galore ever since Coco debuted about this exact IP makeover happening.

Not only is the setting and Mexico pavilion in Epcot just perfect for Coco, but so is the simple river ride concept. The Mayan Pyramid that the ride is housed in already features plenty of Colors from the Day of the Dead as well as displays and merchandise from Coco the film. This ride would look great and would actually bring in crowds with this change.

7 ideas for ip makeovers at Walt Disney World attractions


Journey Into The Imagination= Inside Out

If there is an attraction on this list that actually needs to change it is this one. Any change in this attraction even though Figment himself is awesome would be welcome even if they don’t make it Inside Out based. 

Inside Out could fit in so well here as it is not only a loved movie but would also make a great educational based attraction for Epcot. With the idea of Epcot being an educational park an attraction that is centered around the mind and feelings would be a great addition. Plus since the ride is already in the Imagination! pavilion this would be an easy transition.

Living with the Land = Wall-E

Wall-E could work really well in this attraction. You could start out in a traditional dark boat ride through the movie with scenes of the Earth being void of life, Wall-E finding the plant, Eve coming to Earth, and then the fight of getting the plant to the right spot of the spaceship. Then after the dark ride, it would transition into how Buy N Large is now trying to reinhabit and vegetate the Earth with the innovative growing techniques in the greenhouse.

Tomorrowland Speedway = Cars

The other original attraction which could also really use one of these updates is the Tomorrowland Speedway. The smells from this ride alone make this an attraction that needs some love. 

This one would be really great to turn into a Cars attraction similar to Radiator Spring Racers in Disney’s California Adventure park. Now, this would be on a smaller scale and would have to be only a couple of small cars racing against each other around the existing track, but if done right this could easily become a classic.

As you can see there are many different ways that existing original attractions could get IP makeovers. Even though there are a couple of these I would really like to see done I am not a true believer of changing original attractions as they are beloved by many fans. 






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