Disney is known for making things easy for their guest, and as such does not ban many things that are not obvious ( hello weapons, and pets) from entering the park. However as things change Disney does have to make some rule changes and ban certain things from their theme parks.Starting May 1st 2019 the following 4 items need to be added to

11 Items you cannot take with you into the Disney theme parks

Make sure to know what you can and cannot take with you for your next trip before you get to the security check point. nothing would be worse then either having to go back to your car or having to throw your items away. After all stress first thing does not make for a very magical vacation.

1. Stroller Wagons

Wagons have always been banned from the Disney Parks, but push wagons aka: stroller wagons have been allowed. All of this is going to change starting May 1st. Those Keenz strollers are also included in this. 

2. Loose Ice

A item that may leave you scratching your head as to why is loose ice (dry ice is also included in this). Disney has banned loose ice for a few reason a couple being it is hard to look through at security checkpoints, and it often gets dumped on the ground within the parks creating a trip hazard. 

This is easy to overcome however as you can either bring reusable ice packs, or put your loose ice in ziploc bags.

4 more items you cannot take into the DFisney theme parks. Leave these things at home or in the car the nest time you go to Disney World, or you will be turned away.

3. Oversized Strollers

Disney is not only making a ban on stroller wagons, but also on the size of strollers they are allowing into the park. Strollers will need to be less then 31” wide, and 52” long starting in May. Disney has become more and more crowded and with that the walkways more full and harder to navigate.

4. Smoking

This one is huge. Starting May 1st smoking will no longer be permitted inside any of the Disney theme parks. What this means is that in order to smoke or vape you will have to exit the park, and go to the designated smoking area. This is a nice change from how Disney has dealt with smoking previously by having designated smoking areas within the parks in which some were not so out of the way. 

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