When planning a trip to Disney it is easy to get overwhelmed with everything you have to bring. It can also get expensive fast especially when you take into consideration everything you will be buying once you are in the parks. To help with that expense there are some Disney items to DIY before you get to the parks.

Not only will these items cost you less, but they will also be one of a kind!!!

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1: Mickey/Minnie Ears

Mickey and Minnie ears are my favorite thing to DIY for my Disney vacation. Not only are they a lot of fun to wear ( especially for children), but having a DIY pair makes sure that your ears stick out. You will also get a lot of compliments from Disney cast members, and fellow guest when you take along your own ears. Making your own ears can be eally easy to especially if you purchase premade black blank ears off Amazon. Get THESE HERE the price is great and so is the quality.

For some DIY ears check out these tutorials below:

Mom without Answers-  This is a great tutorial that brings you step by step with pictures through making super cute Snow White ears. I am going to personally be making some of these for my daughter.. ( she is a huge Snow White fan)

Angie Away- If you are looking for some one of a kind wired flower ears this tutorial will be just your thing

This Fairy Tail Life- This BB8 ear tutorial is perfect if you are looking to make ears for your little boy.

2: Autograph Book

Haing an autograph book is essential when you are taking a child to Disney ( ok they are great for adults too). Having a DIY autograph book will be super special, and something you will be able to look back at years later to remember your trip.

For DIY Autograph Book Ideas Check Out:

Dukes and Duchesses- This tutorial is super easy, and makes DIYing your own autograph book easy

Smart Girls DIY- I love the idea of using a dollar store photobook to make your own Disney autograph book. Plus having a picture with you and the character under their autograph is a great way to remember your encounter.

3: Magic Band Customization

Using a magic band at Walt DIsney World makes everything easier from getting into your room, to entering the park, and using your fastpasses. When you book a Disney vacation you get your choice of magic band in a solid color. You could always buy special bands with designs and characters if you want something differnet, or you can cusotmize the solid color ones. From stickers, to decals, and painting your band it can really look any way you want.

Magic Band Customization Tutorials:

Viva Veltoro- This easy tutorial takes advantage of sticker, and a little Modge Podge to make your magic band match you.

You can also find decals to cover your magic band on Etys for a fraction of the price of buying a designed one at Disney. SMy favorite Etsy shop to get Magic Band decals is ShopEmilyG.

4. Pin Lanyards:

Pin trading is an activity that many people partake in when they visit Walt Disney World. Most people who trade pins like to display theirs around their necks on a lanyard. Lanyards are super easy to make, and take almost no time. 

The Following Pin Lanyard Tutorial is Super Easy to Follow:

The sweeter side of motherhood- This tutorial is easy to follow and has pictures showing you step by step how to creat the perfect lanyard.

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