There are a lot of different offerings at Walt Disney World to celebrate the holidays ( such as lights on Cinderella’s Castle, and Epcot’s Festival of the Holiday’s). There is, however, only one ride that you can go on that celebrates the Christmas spirit. For the last couple of years during the holiday season, the Jungle Cruise changes into the Jingle Cruise.

This festive ride through the jungles of Africa in Adventureland is the funniest and most dad joke filled way to have fun laugh a little and get into the holiday spirit. So follow me for the next 12 holi-day’s and 8 festive nights to find out some of the ways the Jungle Cruise changes into the most famous cruise in the North Pole. 

the Jingle Cruise at Walt Disney World

The Jingle Cruise

(*Disclaimer*-beware of the upcoming corny jokes and puns although this post will be much more fun for everyone if you get into the Jungle Cruise spirit, and cringe with me.)

the Jingle Cruise the skippers hut. The Jungle Cruise for Christmas.

You start in the queue with holiday songs playing in the background as you wait for your tour. Decorations such as festive bunting, candy canes, and wreaths surround you. You will see lots of presents for the skippers laying around as well. Make sure you look around the dock when you get towards the end of your wait as well to see the skipper hut all decked out in lights, and wishing you a happy Gnu year.

the Jingle Cruise at Disney wishing you a happy new year

Once on the watercraft, everything about the Jungle cruise from the skippers to the boat names changes over to a festive holiday theme. On the jungle cruise each boat is named, and on the Jungle Cruise, it is no different.

the Jingle Cruise Eggnog Annie

You will find festive vessels such as the Yule log Lolly, and the Mistletoe Millie to take you Niles and Niles and Niles away from civilization.

the Jingle Cruise Mistletoe Millie

No joke and if you do not believe me you are in deNile. These boats are part of the reason this river in Africa is Santas favorite river… well that and the rain-deer.

the Jungle Cruise turned into the Jingle cruise

Everywhere you look the Jungle Cruise has a little bit of the holidays sprinkled in. Just like the old tree with the boa (snake) on top, you will find all sorts of presents scattered everywhere. You can find these wrapped gifts scattered everywhere from the land to floating in the water. After all, they hired Gorillas to wrap the presents, but their turnover is too high to train them. These are not the only animals to get into the Christmas spirit either.

the Jungle Cruise turned into the Jingle Cruise at Disney World

The Lions are also celebrating the holidays by inviting the zebras over for a holiday feast. Just think how awesome a holiday meal with the every other dark meat would be.

presents at the Jingle Cruise

As you can see the Jingle Cruise at Disney World is a great festive offering to get you into the holiday spurt at the Magic Kingdom. You can take a merry tour of the African rivers and see the elephants practicing for their Christmas caroling all at the same time. Oh and make sure you find Trader Sam to finish shopping since he is the head salesman in the jungle. He has a cutthroat deal for you as lately sales have been shrinking so you get three of his heads for just one of yours so you do come out a-head.

Trader Sam at the Jungle Cruise

I hope you enjoyed learning about the Jinge cruise. I mean the Jingle Cruise sorry bought that it was my first No-el.

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