Experiencing Disney World with a toddler is very special. Toddlers really believe and take in all the magic that Disney has to offer. Every experience is new and exciting from meeting a beloved character to seeing Cinderella’s Castle, to riding the classic attractions. Disney was built because Walt wanted a place where everyone could have fun and experience attractions together. Because of this desire of his, you will find so many rides the whole family will enjoy including some of the best rides for toddlers at Walt Disney Worlds The Magic Kingdom.

The following attractions are sure to delight the younger child in your party. They are age and average height, fear, and thrill appropriate for the 3-5 yr old crowd.

The best Rides for Toddlers at The Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is not only the original Disney World park, but also the most classic Disney, and toddler-friendly of all the parks at Disney World. 


This park is home to one of the best lands for toddlers in all the parks. fantasyland is sure to delight any child. Here you will find classics such as Peter Pans Flight, It’s a Small World, 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, Journey of the Little Mermaid, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, & The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. In fact, there is not a single ride in Fantasyland that is not appropriate for a little one. the best of these has to be the classics though.

Peter Pans Flight, the best rides for toddlers at the Magic Kingdom

1. Peter Pans Flight

This classic ride has been around since the Magic Kingdom park opened. This attraction is great for Toddlers since it brings a story they are sure to be familiar with to life.

You and your toddler will board a ship that flys above various scenes and Peter Pan character animatronics. This ride is just special maybe it is the fact that it is really like you are flying or all the pixie dust.

2. It’s a Small World

Ask anybody what the first ride is that comes to mind when thinking of Disney and I bet this one comes up most of the time. It’s a Small World is full of color and catchy music that is sure to delight the attention of your little one.

3. 7 Dwarfs Mine Train

This mine train is an awesome roller coaster, dark ride hybrid. Now you may not think a coaster would be a great ride for a toddler, but this one is super smooth and mild making it a great first coaster experience.

4. The Journey of the Little Mermaid

If your toddler is a princess lover make sure you do not miss this fantasyland dark ride. You and your toddler will board your clamshell and take a journey through this beloved story.

This whole ride is amazing, and your toddler is sure to be delighted with the fun music especially the huge Under the Sea scene.

5. Dumb the Flying Elephant

I have not met a toddler who does not like flying on Dumbo the Flying Elephant. This classic hub and spoke ride is super fun and really customizable. You have the option of choosing just how high you want to soar through the air.

These best rides for toddlers at the Magic Kingdom are sure to delight any little Disney World fan. Experience the magic of Disney through the eyes of your toddlers.

Liberty Square

Liberty Square while not home to much / land is where you will find one of the best overall rides at The Magic Kingdom, the Haunted Mansion.

1. Haunted Mansion

This “Spooky” ride is so fun for kids (and adults) of all ages. With a parent by their side, most toddlers will love their trip through this house of happy haunts.

the best rides for toddlers at Walt Disney Worlds the Magic Kingdom


1. Jungle Cruise

While most adults enjoy this ride for all the corny dad jokes, toddler love it for the scenery and animals. There are plenty of scenes such as elephants shooting water and a rhino scaring hunters up a pole that is sure to make your little one giggle.

2. Aladdin Flying Carpets

This hub and spoke ride is the same mechanically as Dumbo from above. This is set in the middle of Adventureland.

You sit in 2 rows in magic carpets and fly around to fun music. Oh yeah also make sure to take your toddler to stand in front of the spitting camel found on the side of the attraction for a totally wet surprise.


Frontierland is not the best land in The Magic Kingdom for toddlers as both of the major attractions are more thrilling rides more suited to the older guest.

However, this is the land in which you will find boats to access Tom Sawyer Island. This is the best place in the Magic Kingdom for your toddler to let out some energy. From the cave, you get to explore fun houses and bridges make sure to put this on your list of places to let the toddlers in your party run around and be toddlers.


Tomorrowland is a fun land that is sure to delight all toddlers. This is one of the best lands for kids ages 3-5 and has some of the best rides for toddlers. These attractions come to you from” the future” (lol) but are sure to be magical for your little one.

From shooting aliens, laughing at monsters and riding on rockets in the sky your toddler will love the band of tomorrow.

The best rides at the Magic Kingdom that your toddler will love.

2. Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin

This attraction is the best of Tomorrowlands best rides for toddlers.

Your little one will blast aliens with their ray gun, and fight with the evil emperor Zurg. All this happens as you ride along in your spaceship while you twirl around to shoot your targets. Toddlers will for sure love this one.

3. Monsters Inc Laugh Floor

This show by every little one’s favorite monster Mike Wazowski is such a riot. The monsters of Monstropolis need to supply their city with power and as we found out in Monsters Inc laughter is the best way to fill the energy tanks.

While your toddler may not understand buy joke told they are still sure to be full of laughter throughout the show.

4. Astro Orbiter

The Astro Orbiter is another one of the many hub and spoke rides at Disney World. This one, however, is different because of the location. This is super fun for any toddler who is not afraid of heights. Your little one will have a good time from the moment they get to go up to the loading bay. Once on the ride, there are some great views of the Magic Kingdom especially of Cinderella Castle that your toddler is sure to be amazed by.

the best rides at magic kingdom for toddlers

Next time you are at the Magic Kingdom with a little one make sure to check out these best rides for toddlers. Remember to try to see this magical place through their eyes, and take in all the wonder around you.

You can also find some of the best rides for adults at the Magic Kingdom here and plan a great day for the whole family.

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