Disney parks have always been a place where you can do things that you cannot do in other theme parks. I mean what other park lets you bring your own food with you? Even though they have some freedom with what you can bring into the parks there are however items that are not allowed.

One of Disney’s four keys is safety, and most of the items on this list are not allowed due to safety reasons. Due to the emphasis on safety Disney has a bunch of ways in which these items are able to be found out if you try to bring them into the park with you. All guest can expect to have all of their bags checked, and to go through a metal detector before entering any theme park.

So before you get to the parks, and are asked to either return an item to your vehicle (which is probably sooooo far away) or to discard of your item here are a list of things you cannot take into the parks with you

1.Selfie Sticks

Now this one may seem silly, but as of summer of 2015 there are no selfie sticks permitted in the parks. The reason for this is two fold. For one people with selfie sticks can accidentally hit another patron with the stick as well as walk into a dangerous situation themselves if they are not paying attention to their surroundings.

Beyond this selfie sticks are also very dangerous on rides as most of them can extend beyond the cone of safety that Disney establishes on all rides. This can injure the person holding the stick, another passenger, or even mess up something on the ride itself.

2.  Masks and Costumes (anyone over the age of 13)

Unless you are going to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party ( even then masks are not permitted) anyone 14 years or older is not allowed to bring or wear a costume or mask into a Disney park. Costumes are both a security, and a show concern. Costumes and masks make a person harder to identify as well as able to conceal unwanted activity. Costumes also can be confusing to younger guest. Imagine being 4 and seeing two Cinderella’s together or a scary clown in the happiest place on Earth.

There are 11 items that you cannot take with you into Disney Parks. These items are not allowed for the safety of all guest. So before you take your trip make sure to read this list so you are not turned away at the park entrance.

3. Glass Containers

Broken glass is a huge safety concern in any park. Imagine having hundreds of thousands of people with glass containers that can be dropped and broken all over the place? The one exception to this is glass baby food containers, and glass medicine bottles.

4. Hard Sided Coolers

Disney parks are one of the few places out there that allows you to bring in your own food, and beverages. Even though you can bring in your own consumable items you cannot bring them in a hard sided cooler. So make sure to bring your food in either a small soft sided cooler, or a backpack or other type of soft bag.

5. Weapons (or anything resembling a weapon)

Now this should be very obvious, but yet everyday people are turned away from Disney property for having a weapon or weapon like item with them. Now Disney does sell toy swords such as from the Pirates of the Caribbean, but since these are bought within the park they are sure to be fake and safe for everyone. 

6. Folding Chairs

Bringing a folding chair into Disney actually sounds like a great idea. I know I for one would like to have a chair to sit in when waiting for say a parade, or the fireworks. However being able to walk around anywhere would be harder if these chairs were allowed as they easily block the flow of traffic.

7. Alcohol

Even though Disney has recently begun selling alcohol in all parks in all tablet service restaurants you are unable to bring in your own liquor. Now yes you may think you will be able to sneak your own booze into a park, but remember Disney employs dogs and undercover security officers specially trained to detect such things. The last thing you would want to do is get kicked out of a Disney park on your vacation.

find out what you are not allowed to bring with you into a Disney park before your next vacation.

8. Balloons in Animal Kingdom

There are many places on Disney property’s around the world where you can buy specialty balloons from. However there is one place where balloons are not allowed and that is Animal Kingdom park in Walt Disney World. This is for the safety of all the animals as ingesting, or getting entangled in a balloon can be really harmful to them. Also next time you get a drink in Animal Kingdom pay attention as not plastic lids or straws are used here for the same reason.

9. Drones

Flying a drone over any Disney property violates FAA flight regulations. Plus can you imagine what the effects having drones flying everywhere would do to the atmosphere? Drones would also be a safety threat on rides, and other guest in parks.

10. Things on Wheels

Items like skateboards, bicycles, shoes on wheels, wagons, trailers and any wheeled vehicle besides a medical transportation device is a huge safety issue. Unless you are in a wheelchair, a motorized ambulatory vehicle, or using a mobility walker leave all wheeled items in your car, because you will not be able yo take them into the parks.

11. Pets

This does exclude service animals such as dogs and miniature horses. If you are needing to bring your service animal with you to Disney read the following post for tips, and tricks Taking a Service Dog to Disney. Other pet’s are not allowed in the Disney theme parks.



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