A day at Walt Disney World in Florida is a dream for many. It is a great way to spend a day, and a great vacation especially for famalies. Even though a day at Disney is magical, it can be very long. During that time in the park you will go through many times of the day.

From some chilly mornings- mid morning snack time- the afternoon slump- to that time at night when you are tired, but having to much fun to stop. Throw in the fact that Florida weather can be unpredictable with it raining on and off suddenly, and the heat it makes for a long day.

Knowing what to pack though:

can really help you have a better day in a Disney park. 

Below you will find 10 essential items ( in no particular order) that will help you make it successfully through your day at your Walt Disney World park of choice. 

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1. Portable Battery Pack:

These days having your electronic devices- especially your cell phone- always working is important. This is no less true at Disney. Yes it is great to unplug, but your cell phone is an essential item at a Disney park especially with the MY Disney Experience app. Plus you will want your devices to stay charged while you are traveling to and from Walt Disney World. Keeping it charged throughout the day is sometimes not the easiest thing though. Having a portable battery pack though can really help. Below you will find the best, smallest, and most powerful battery packs to keep your electronics charged. 

2. Ponchos:

Florida weather can be really unpredicatable when it come to rain. Especially from June-September you can expect at least a small rain shower most likely in the afternoon. There are also rides on which ponchos are very handy: 

Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom is a must use poncho ride. Unless you want to be soaked because it is August in central Florida.

While ponchos are handy to have at Disney they are quite expensive when purchased in the parks. The good thing though is that you can find a lot of quality ponchos online that you can bring into the parks with you for when it starts to drizzle. Oh yeah and for use on Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom.

3. Frog Toggs Chilly Pads

Just like it rains a lot in central Florida, it also gets very hot and humid. Frog Togg chilly pads are great at keeping you cool. All you have to do to activate the chilling is wet the towel, and then wring it out ( don’t worry the towel will not get you wet they really are the perfect wet/dry combination).

The Frog Togg is one of my favorite items to take to Disney to get through a hot Florida day.

4. Disney Pins for Trading:

Trading pins at Disney is a fun past time for many, and one a lot of children enjoy. Of course to trade pins you have to have some first. Of course you could always buy some pins to trade while you are at the Parks, but they can be a bit expensive. Buying pins at home before you hit the parks like these Disney official trading pins, and these pins here can save you  lot of money. 

5. Sunscreen:

When you are at Disney you will be spending a lot of time outside in the sun. There are plenty of different forms of sunscreen that you can use such as sticks, sprays, and wipes which are easy to bring into the parks with you, and wont leak anywhere. Whatever type of sunscreen you choose though just make sure you use it everyday.

6. Mini First Aid Kit:

Even in the most magical place on Earth you can still get hurt, have a tummy ache, or get a pounding headache. Having an easy to access first aid kit will help you deal when you run into one of these situations. The kit does not have to be huge, but make sure it contains essential such as:

  • band aids
  • pain medication
  • Pepto Bismol tablets
  • Tums
  • Neosporin

7. Snacks

Disney days can be long, and at some point you or your kids are going to get hungry. Having small snacks in your bag will help get you through till your next meal, and prevent any hangry meltdowns.

Some of my favorite snacks to bring are-

  • granola bars
  • beef jerky
  • gummy snacks

8. Water Bottles

One of the last things you want to do while your on vacation is get dehydrated. Having easy access to water is a huge essentail. Yes you could stop at quick service restaurants ever time you are thirsty, or spend a fortune on buying water bottles. A better idea though is to bring along your own refillable water bottles like this one here or this self filtering bottle. These are great to keep yourself hydrated and can be filled at any water fountain, or quick service location with a fountain.

9. Autograph Book

This is a big one especially if you are going to Disney World with children. Meeting characters is fun, and what better way to capture those memories and take them home then getting the characters autographs. Having an autograph book in your bag, and with you before you hit the  parks can ensure you do not miss any time, and are ready for even unexpected character meetings.

10. A Good Attitude, Patience, and a Smile

Overall the most essential thing you can bring with you to Disney is a good attitude. Whether the park is super busy, it starts to rain, or whatever may happen a good attitude, patience, and a smile will get you through it!

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