Epcot is the second theme park that was built at Walt Disney World, and grounded by the huge Epcot ball. It was first opened October 1st 1982. Epcot is an interesting park as it was originally supposed to be a city of the future, or as Walt liked to call it an “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”.

Epcot has been home to some great nostalgic rides, and attractions of course though it is undergoing a reimagining at the moment. From rides to character meet and greets, to the world showcase these great Epcot tips will hopefully help you have a magical day on your next visit.

TheseEpcot tips are in no particular order, but that does not make them any less helpfull or fun:



1. One of my favorite “secrets” of Epcot ( especially on busy mornings) is that this park actually has two entrances. Besides the front entrance there is actually a way into the park through the world showcase. This entrance is known as the International Gateway, and is located at the back of the park between France, and the United Kingdom. While this gate is most convenient for Epcot area resort guest anyone can enter into the park this way.

 2. One of the tier one attractions at this park actually has one of the best ways to shorten your wait in line. Test Track over  in Future World has what is known as the single rider line. If you do not mind splitting up from your party, and riding alone you can actually drastically reduce you wait time. Test Track averages a 60 minute wait with the single rider line averaging about 10-15 minutes which is worth riding separately if you ask me.

3. The Epcot ball, and home to Spaceship Earth is one of the first things you will run into when entering the park. Because of this being the first ride guest encounter the line can really build up early in the morning as it becomes a bottleneck of guest who have just entered the park. If you want to ride mission space you are best off waiting until the afternoon or evening when more people are already in the park or leaving as the wait is rarely over 30 minutes after the morning rush.

4. Over in the Japanese pavilion of World Showcase is a place called  Mitsukoshi where you can pick an oyster and get a pearl. This is a great unique Disney souvenir that you really cannot get many other places. And while you are here make sure to pick out the hairiest and ugliest oyster to up your chances of getting two pearls!

 5. Epcot’s cool club is home of your next free caffeine fix. You are able to try 8 different flavors of coke from all over the world for free… ( make sure to watch people’s expressions when they try Beverly)

6. Yes every park does this, but keep it in mind in Epcot as well. You can get free water at any counter service restaurant. The default size they will give you is small, but you can ask for a large, and it is free as well.

 7. If you are not in the park for Illuminations: Reflections of Earth another good spot where you can watch is the bridge connecting Disney’s Yacht and Beach club, and the Boardwalk Inn.

8. Of course you can also watch Reflections from restaurants in the World Showcase. The best restaurants to watch from is La Hacienda. Just make sure to book your reservation at least 30 minutes before the fireworks are set to start, and request a window seat. ( also make sure to show up a bit early).

9. If you have been wanting to take a Disney behind the scenes tour, but don’t want to pay the high prices check out the Behind the Seeds tour. This tour goes behind the scenes at living with the land. The sign up is across the land building close to Soarin, and this is a great tour especially for the price.

10. Epcot has several rides that are tier 1 on their FastPass+ system. Of course these rides are their most popular and include Soarin, Test Track, and Frozen Ever After. Illuminations their fireworks show is also a tier 1 attraction. While you can only book one of these tier 1 attractions using FastPass+ before your day at Epcot most people don’t know that you can actually book another of these after using your initial three fastpasses.

 11. Mission Space in Epcot’s Future World has recently gotten an update where they added a more mild green side. This side is great for younger children, anyone with motion sickness, and anyone who cannot handle the harsher Mars mission. This is also great as the wait for the green side is usually much shorter, and usually stays under 15 minutes even on heavy crowd days. I personally prefer the green side myself.

 12. While Epcot usually opens around 8 or 9am, the World Showcase does not fully open until 11am. The ropes that block off the world showcase are between Norway and China, and the United Kingdom, and France. These ropes are located so that you can still get to Frozen Ever After, and also allow guest into the park from the International Gateway before 11am.

 13. Epcot’s World showcase houses several meet and greets for Disney princesses. You can meet Mulan in China, Snow White in Germany, Jasmine, and Aladdin in Morocco, Belle and Aurora in France, Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppins in the United Kingdom.

 14. Don’t miss the fantastic aquarium at the The Seas. The same building that houses Turtle Talk with Crush, and Finding Nemo is home to a great aquarium. Once you disembark Nemo you are dropped off into The Seas. This is a great place to take in views of sea life such as sea turtle, sharks, and even dolphins. Make sure that you also make your way upstairs as there is also plenty to take in there as well.

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