At Walt Disney World minimizing the time you have to wait in line is a huge priority. Now Disney does have ways around this such as their FastPass+ ride reservation system that can save you hours. However, because of FastPass restrictions, you will find that you will still have to wait in the standby line to ride everything on your list.

Time waiting in the stand-by line is not always wasted though. Even long lines like that of Flight of Passage in Disney’s the Animal Kingdom which averages 3-hour waits can be worth it. Not every attraction though is equal. What that means is that there are some Disney rides that are not worth the wait, and can sometimes make you wonder if is going to Disney World worth it?

( looking at you Journey into Your Imagination) even though you will not find this Epcot ride on the list as it almost never has a wait at all.

Whether it is because the rides themselves leave some to be desired, or the wait is so long for how long you actually are on the ride. The following 8 attractions are the top Disney rides not worth the wait.

Some of the longest wait times at Disney World are for rides that are not worth those standby waits. This includes some of the most popular rides that have the worst lines at the Magic Kingdom. These Disney lines wait times can be extra long for one reason or another and just like the worst Magic Kingdom lines at least two of them have the longest lines at the Magic Kingdom. Now just because some of these rides are not worth their stand-by wait does mean they are bad. Just that at Disney time is money, and there are better things to do than to spend your precious park hours in line for these 8 top attractions.


Of course, as always let us know in the comments what you think about this list.

1. Navi River Journey


Navi River Journey is currently one of the rides with the longest wait times at Walt Disney World. Navi is a dark ride set in Animal Kingdom’s Pandora World of Avatar. Now, this ride is beautiful, and the Shaman at the end is one of the best ( if not the best) animatronic you will see. The problem with this ride, however, starts with its wait. With average wait times between 90-150 minutes, and a queue that is nothing more than a zig-zagging line with nothing to see, but the people around you.


Once you finally arrive at your boat you do feel excited. As you start to journey through the dark bioluminescent land it is beautiful, and then you encounter the giant Navi Shaman-get all excited for the next bit ( aka think the worth just may have been worth it)-and the ride is done. This is one 4 1/2 minute journey that at the end really is not worth the 1 1/2- 3-hour wait.

2. 7Dwarfs Mine Train

Now 7 Dwarfs Mine Train is not a bad ride whatsoever. Yes it is a kiddie coaster, and not thrilling at all, but that does not mean it is not fun. The mining scene you ride through is great as well as the final scene ( I love seeing the evil witch as an old lady at the end of the ride). The ride itself is not the problem here. Well except the fact that the ride only lasts a  bit under 3 minutes after a wait that averages around 100 minutes.

3. Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Stay with me for a minute here because I know that Dumbo is a classic ride at Walt Disney World and a popular one at that. I mean Disney even put in a second Dumbo Flying Elephants in Storybook Circus when they updated New Fantasy Land. There is really only one main reason why this ride is really not worth the waits that are not too long averaging 15-35 minutes on average.

  1. This ride only lasts 90 seconds.

I do think though that if you are going to ride a “spinner” ride Dumbo is the one to pick.

4. Peter Pan’s Flight

Peter Pan’s Flight is one of the most nostalgic rides in WDW New Fantasyland. You are boarded into a ship that runs on a track above the ride vehicles which gives you the sensation of flying over Neverland.

While the ride vehicles are great this ride is a bit dated, and the animatronics look old. The worst part of this ride though is the wait, and it can get really long especially during the middle of the day. Average wait times for this attraction stay steady between 45-90 minutes during the day, which for an out of date ride that only last 3 minutes does not really seem worth it.

5. Astro Orbiters

Ok, Let talk about the Astro Orbiter. So this ride is a circular spinner located above the Lunching Pad in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland. Now the fact that this ride is situated very high within the park is the best thing about it, and also the worst because of the way the line transports you to the ride itself. The line for this ride can get really long, and it is outside, and you have to take an elavator to get to the ride itself, and they jam pack those elevators so you feel like a sardine in a can. This also makes the line seem deceptively short, and even when the line looks really short you end up waiting way to long for a ride that is also super short.

6. Primeval Whirl

Ok, I will be honest I hate Primeval Whirl. It is my least favorite ride at Walt Disney World. Primeval Whirl has a few things going against it.

1. It is a cookie cutter wild mouse coaster you would find at most neighborhood carnivals.

2. It is so jerky it hurts.

3. The “lap bar” on this ride is so high it does not even feel suitable for it’s 48″ minimum height. You do not feel secure because of this even if you are on the bigger and taller side.

I could keep going on and on why this ride is not worth even a 5-minute wait, but I am going just going to leave you with the points above.

7. Tomorrowland Speedway

Tomorrowland Speedway is not worth its average wait of 20-30 minutes for a few reasons. This ride is a simulated car race with a vehicle that is gas powered and runs on a track. The line is outdoors, and the gas from the cars permeates the area making those minutes in line seem much longer than they actually are.

Once you are done waiting and you board your car you are set off on a rail track, and while that may not seem so bad it hurts if you steer the car too much and hit the rail. Besides that, the steering wheel is hard to turn, and this combines for a ride that you cannot wait to be over with.

8. Soarin

Soarin around the World in Epcot’s Land Pavillion is one of my favorite rides in Disney World. Now that you know that you may be surprised to find it on this list. Now it is not on this list because of the ride itself, but because the line is long, and the queue is terrible, and it is not worth it…


You get to sit in the middle section (with the middle top being the best area).

If you have to wait in the stand-by line for Soarin any longer than 20 minutes which is not common considering the 90 minute wait this ride averages, be sure to request sitting in the middle section (after all you have waited all this time you may as well request to wait just a few more minutes, and make it worth your time.)

As you can see even some of the best Disney rides are not worth the wait. You may also be wondering if some of the best rides are not worth their wait is Disney World worth it, and it is so very much. There are so many more attractions that have a standby time that show Walt Disney Worlds worth.

Just make sure to grab a FastPass for these attractions as some of these are the best fastpasses to get for Disney World.

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