Being at Disney World is a magical experience, and anything that can help make that experience more magical is great. One of these tools that can help you have a magical day is the free Fastpass+ service available to everyone at WDW. Fastpasses are great to be able to skip the lines at the most popular attractions, and can save you hours on a typical park day. Even with fastpasses though sometimes plans change, and you may need to modify fastpasses in order to get the most out of your Disney experience.

However navigating the My Disney experience app where fastpasses are housed can be a bit confusing. So today I have a great step by step ultimate guide on how to modify fastpasses quickly, and easily so you can go with the flow, and still make the best out of your day.

Step one:

Of course the first step would be to open the My Disney Experience App. This app is where all FastPass+ reservations, and plans live. After you open the app you will see a cute animation of Mickey’s head in fireworks       (this always makes me happy for some reason). After that just sign in and you are ready to start modifying your fastpasses.

Step 2:

Once you are in the My Disney Experience app, and logged in it is time to find the fastpass area. 

To find your fast passes you first just need to click on the little circle on the bottom of the app which will have a character, or just a grey figure. ( This depends on if you have set up your profile on the My Disney Experience site, or app)

Step 3:

Now that you have the My Disney Experience my account section pulled up all you need to do is click on get FastPass+ under the My Plans section.

Step 4:

You should now see the list of FastPasses you have reserved, and the days and times they are reserved for. This is where you can pick and start to modify fastpasses.

All you need to do now to start is find the FastPass+ reservation you want to change and click on it.

Step 5:

Once you pick the attraction you want to modify, and clicked through you get this screen. Disney makes everything so easy, and all you have to do now is click on the little pencil icon which says modify.


Step 6:

Now you will see a list of times that are available to modify your fastpass+ to. The times that automatically pop up will be times around when you already have it scheduled. If you would like a completly different time frame you can click on the time stamps over the attraction such as Morning, Afternoon, Evening or certain time.

Once you find the time you would like to modify the fastpass to you just have to click on that time.


You Can Also Change the Attraction Itself:

You also have the option of scrolling down and picking a completly different attraction then the one already reserved. Just keep scrolling down on this screen and click on the attraction and time under the Choose a New Experience section.


Step 7:

Once you pick the time you would like to modify your fastpass to you will be taken to the screen on the left. This screen will show you your old time, and the new time that you are changing your fastpass+ to. All you have to do at this point ( once you verified you really want to make the change) is  confirm is save changes on the bottom of the screen.

And You Are Done 

After you save the changes to your FastPass+ you will be brought back to your my plans page, and will now see the changes made.

Other Tips to Modify Fastpasses

Now of course most of your fastpass modifications will be changing the time, or the attraction itself, but there are a couple of other things you can modify as well. 

You can change change who is a part of your fast pass selection. When you are in the modification screen you just have to pick change party which is under modify, and you can pick and choose who has the fastpass.

One thing to note also is that you can only change your fastpass on the day that is is already made. In order to change your fastpass to a different day all you need to do is pick a different day to start with ( no modification needed!)

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