Ranking the rides at Disney World is kind of a funny thing to do. This is very subjective as everyone wants something different from their attraction experiences, and the best attractions at Disney World are going to be different to different people. Since I often get asked what are the best rides at Disney World we are going to rank the top 20 Disney rides according to us here at Touring in Wonderland. Out of every ride in Disney World these are the ones that I feel are the best attractions at Disney World.

I have also taken into account the popularity of the attractions, there fastpass availability ( generally the harder a fastpass is to get the more popular the ride) , thrills, and ride duration ( you can find the duration of every ride at Disney World HERE) . Then again every list you get on the best rides at Disney World will have some opinion sprinkled in so go with what is right for your family.

So without further ado here are the 20 top Disney rides ranked.

1. Tower of Terror

What is the best ride at Disney World, the Tower of Terror

The Tower of Terror tops the list of Disney World rides mainly because of the excellent theming  of the attraction. From the very start of entering Hollywood Studios you will see the Hollywood High Tower Hotel, and that is where the Tower of Terror starts to pull you in. This towering attraction has some of the best thrills as well in all of Disney World, and is one of the must go on rides at Disney World for thrill seekers. Just read these interesting Twilight Zone Tower of Terror facts to see some of the ways this attraction has become the best within Disney World.

2. Splash Mountain

Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-A-Dee-ay my oh my what a wonderful attraction Splash Mountain is. Splash Mountain is without a doubt one of the top rides at Disney World, and a crowd favorite. Your trip through the Brier Patch will be sure to delight you even with it’s 50ft plunge at the end.

One of the best rides at Disneys the Magic Kingdom is Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain wins as an E-ticket attraction on many levels. It’s Icon status is well known, the animatronics are fun, the songs are classics, the ride duration makes up for the stand-by wait it can garner, and oh yeah you may get wet at the end. This attraction is also the most ridden ride at Disney World besides It’s a Small World, and the songs are so much better ( and less headache inducing).

3. Flight of Passage

Many people want to know what is the most popular ride at Disney World, and well this is it.

flight of passage. Best rides to fastpass at Animal Kingdom.

Flight of Passage in the World of Avatar at Animal Kingdom has been the most popular attraction at Disney World since it opened. The waits for this ride have consistently been the longest within any park even surpassing Smugglers Run at points of its opening day in August of 2019.

This is not surprising however as this attraction is really spectacular. You will board you banshee after being matched to an Avatar to fly through the spectacular world of Pandora. This flight simulator really immerses you into the world, and you will fully feel your banshee breath and the swoops as you fly through the air. This is one of the most important attractions to obtain a fastpass for since the waits are long even at rope drop.

4. Frozen Ever After

Frozen ever after is one of the best rides at Disney World

Frozen Ever After occupies what used to be Malestrom in Norway of the World Showcase, and is one of the best Disney rides. You are invited to board a boat to Elsa’s Ice Castle for a summer snow day. Along the way you will meet some familiar friends and hear familiar songs from the movie.

Every cumulates with going to Elsa’s Ice Castle where you are let go backwards through the title song from the film. You then come across Marshmallow who tells you to let it go and you go down a small drop coming to the last ride scene.

5. The Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion is regarded as one of the best rides at Magic Kingdom by many people. This is a classic Omni Mover dark ride experience, and a favorite here at Touring in Wonderland as well. You will join the 999 happy haunts within the mansion while trying not to become the 1000th since there is always room for one more unless you really want to volunteer. This attraction also ends with Grim Grinning Ghost which is one of the best attraction songs within in the park.

The haunted mansion is one of the best Magic Kingdom rides at Disney

6. Dinosaur

If it was up to me this would be way higher on the list.. like as in right behind the Tower of Terror, but I am taking what the masses would like in account. Dinosaur is located in the Dino Institute within Dinoland U.S.A in Animal Kingdom.

Dinosaur is one of the top 20 disney rides

This attraction takes you aboard a Time Rover in order to find and bring back an Iguanodon. The only problem here is that to find your dinosaur you have to go to the late Jurassic period which means you are right in the path of a killer asteroid that killed most life forms on Earth. This attraction will leave you wondering if you are going to make it to the end.

7. Slinky Dog Dash

Slinky dog dash in toy story land

Slinky Dog Dash is such a fun family launch coaster in Toy Story Land. This attraction is one of the best Disney rides, and never fails to make me smile. Slinky springs you along the track while talking to you, and bringing you past Jessie, Woody, and Bulls-eye. 

Make sure to check out these 10 interesting things about Slinky Dog Dash to learn more about this greatly fun coaster.

8. Soarin

Soarin’ brings you over different places across the world in what simulates a paragliding adventure. There are so many great things about this attraction which makes it known as one of the best attractions at Disney World. 

Soarin around the world

My favorite thing about this attraction is the smells that you encounter along the way. The grass over Africa is my favorite smell of the bunch. Everyone should experience this ride at least once.

9. Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest one of the top 20 best disney rides

Expedition Everest is one of the best coasters in all of Disney world. This coaster has everything from almost falling off the track to going backwards, and a disco yeti. This coaster is one of the best rides for thrill seekers at Disney World and is sure to please any coaster enthusiast.

10. Kilimanjaro Safari

Kilimanjaro Safari is a great non-thrill ride in Animal Kingdom. This attraction takes the best parts of going to a zoo, adds in a tour guide and takes out the worst part (walking up and down hills).

Kilimanjaro Safari is one of the top rides in Disney World

When you board your safari truck you will be taken through many different African environment to view animals that seem to just be out and about. In fact when you get to the Savannah the animals such as Giraffes, and Wildebeest are roaming freely. Kilimanjaro Safari really will get you in the spirit of Animal Kingdom and show you why it is actually an accredited zoo on top of a world class theme park.

11.  People Mover

The People Mover is one of the top 20 rides at Disney

The Tomorrowland Transit Authorities People Mover may not seem like it belongs on a list of the top Disney rides, but it is a classic. 

The People Mover takes you on a grand circle tour of Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom. There is a really cool part that that brings you through Space Mountain between where the two sides crawl up the lift hill.

These are the top 20 rides at DIsney World. these are the attractions that you want to maKE SURE THAT YOU DO NOT SKIP AS DISNEY WORLD

12. Rock-n-Roller Coaster

Rock-n-Roller Coaster staring Aerosmith is the only coaster within Disney World to have any inversions. You board a super stretch limo and being granted backstage passes by the band.

Rock n roller coaster is one of the best attractions in hollywood studios

This coaster is fun mainly for having inversions and being in the dark. The neon billboards you pass along your journey make for a fun ride to the bands show.

13. Space Mountain

One of the top attractions at the Magic Kingdom is Space Mountain

Space Mountain is one of the 3 Magic Kingdoms iconic mountains. This attraction has been a fan favorite since opening day. You will board a rocket ship with 6 other people and be blasted off into the darkness of space. Space mountain is a lot of fun, but can be a bit uncomfortable. If it was smoother and the seats better this would be higher on the list.

14. Big Thunder Mountain

Big thunder mountain is a best Magic Kingdom attraction

Now you may want to hold on to your hats and glasses kids cause this here is the wildest ride in the wilderness. Big Thunder Mountain is the roller coaster located next to Splash Mountain in Frontierland in the back of the park. Big Thunder is a lot of fun even though it is not all that thrilling. This is a family coaster that does indeed live up to its name as the wildest ride in the wilderness as it is a bit rickety and really makes you feel as if you are on a runaway ghost train.

Out of every ride in Disney World these are the top 20 Disney rides that you must ride when going to Walt Disney World. This list of the 20 best Disney rides ranked are the best Disney has to offer.

15. Smugglers Run

Smugglers Run is the newest attraction at Walt Disney World. It is the first ride to open at Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios. You get to ride in and play an important role aboard the Millennium Falcon on a smuggling mission. Aboard the ship you be seated inside a motion simulator that is the cockpit of the ship and will either be a pilot, gunner or engineer. This would be higher on the list if everyone was able to be a pilot though as they do the most on your smuggling issue.

Smugglers run is one of the top 20 rides in Disneys Hollywood Studios

This is one of the most interactive ride experiences that you will find in a Disney park, and one that every Star Wars fan will enjoy. 

16. Toy Story Mania

Toy Story Mania is another interactive attraction within Hollywood Studios. This ride is located in Toy Story Land and is basically you being imported right into and through an interactive video game. This is really just so much fun. While going through the track you will be prompted to use you on board gun to shoot at targets that change throughout the 3D game. Along the way you can also open up secrets spots within each level to get even more points.

20 top rides in Disney world includes toy story midway mania

This is also the only ride in Hollywood Studios that has no height restriction so it is a must if you are traveling with little kids. The standby-by line on this can also get really long so if you are traveling with a child who cannot ride Slinky dog Dash this would be the fastpass for you to get in Hollywood Studios.

17. 7 Dwarfs Mine Train

7 Dwarfs is the newest attraction within the Magic Kingdom, and has some of the longest wait times within the park. With it’s high wait time it is good that it is one of the best rides at Magic Kingdom.

7 Dwarfs Mine Train, tops rides in Magic Kingdom for adults. BEst rides in Walt Disney World, 7 dwarfs New Fantasy LAnd

This attraction would definitely rank higher if it were longer as it only clocks in at 2 minutes and 30 seconds. This may not seem short, but the dark ride portion while really awesome always leaves me wanting more. However if you have a little on who meets the 38” height requirement this is a must do attraction. It is a very smooth coaster, and the pacing is perfect for a first coaster ride.

This is also a must get fastpass for the park as it consistently has the longest wait as it is the newest attraction and in Fantasy;and to boot.

18. Spaceship Earth


Spaceship Earth is the attraction that is housed in Epcot’s iconic geodesic Sphere. This ride is in a Spaceship earth is one of the best rides at Epcot dark ride format. While you are aboard your spaceship you will be guided through the communications of the past, and how they have and will help to shape the future. This attraction harkens back to Epcot’s beginning and its educational past. You will be sure to be thanking the Phoenicians by the time you get back to Earth.

19. Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Carribean best the Magic Kingdom rides for adults

Pirates of the Caribbean is a staple ride that I must do every time I go to the Magic Kingdom. The Pirates in Disney World is not as good as in Disneyland, but it is still a fun attraction. This is a dark boat ride that does contain a small drop ( small enough to not have a height restriction) it is a bit dark

20. Living with the Land

7 interesting IP makeover for adding to Disney attractions

Last but not least is Living with the Land in Epcot. This may not be the most exciting attractions, but there is nothing like Living with the Land to take a soothing air conditioned break in the middle of the day. Living with the Land shows you the greenhouses in Epcot where they make some of the food used throughout the restaurants on property.

This is a great attraction for adults and anyone interested in some of the inventions Disney uses to grow produce, and farm fish.

So there you have it my list of the top 20 Disney rides ranked.

The best attractions at Disney world are these 20 top rides at Disney World. This list is sure to help you know what are the best rides in Disney World so that you can make sure to not skip the best.


Now I am sure as more attractions come out this list will change and I will be asking myself again what are the best rides in Disney World.

For now though Tower of Terror tops the list, but we shall see what the future holds with all the new attractions like Rise of the Resistance, and Tron Lightcycles that are yet to open at the Most Magical Place on Earth. 




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