Slinky Dog Dash at Disney Worlds Hollywood Studios is one of the premier headline attractions in the new Toy Story Land. These 10 interesting things to know about Slinky Dog Dash will hopefully make this headliner more fun.

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Slinky dog dash in toy story land

1. when in line if you look
back at the queue entrance, you will see Buster’s tag with the address of Andy’s house.

2. The Max speed is only
33 mph. The intensity is between seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Big Thunder Moutain. This makes the attraction perfect for both kids & adults alike.

10 Slinky Dog Dash secrets and facts

3. The whole backstory
of the attraction is built into the queue. You will see the piece list and instructions for Andy’s Dash and Dodge Mega Coaster kit that lays out what track pieces and props were used. Then there is a drawing of slinky Dog himself being slotted on top of the set. There are also other items Andy used to create the coaster such as Elmer’s glue, colorful building blocks, and a Ticonderoga pencil.

4. There are two Launches– involved in the attraction.
The first happens at the very beginning. The second launch happens later and is a fun welcome edition. It features Suhy Dog having to “tighten” his spring. To simulate this you go slightly backward & then launch found through tunnels as if stinky just sprung into action.

10 secrets and facts of slinky dog dash

5. Disney launches a new
slinky Dog ride vehicle which holds 18 guests roughly every 2 minutes. since there are 3 vehicles on the track at a time this means Disney is able to opt 540 guests an hour through the attraction.

6. Each ride section holds
two people side by side. Each rider has their own height adjustable lap bar which allows for a comfortably secure fit for everyone. There is also a small tip in between the seats to keep people from sliding around.

10 interesting things to know about Slinky Dog Dash in Hollywood Studios Toy Story Land

7. The addition of Toy story
land and Slinky Dog Dash to Hollywood Studios brings up the number of kid-friendly attractions in the park from only 1 to 3.

8. Slinky Dog Dash is 1 of
the 2 newest rides at Disney World. It debuted June 30th, 2018.

9. There are parts of the ride
that slinky will react and talk to you. One of these is after the first long drop when slinky yells out “Woo-hoo!”

10 interesting things to know about slinky dog dash

10. There is a surprise
cameo by wheezy at the end of the ride. This animatronics is great to watch as you wait for the other trains in the station to depart.

These things to know about Slinky Dog Dash will hopefully help you enjoy the attraction either next time or when you finally get to ride it. This family coaster is a great addition to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and will be well loved for years to come.

Toy Story Lands Slinky Dog Dash facts and secrets

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