Expedition Everest in the Asia area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a fantastic thrill ride ( other thrill rides include Tower of Terror, and Flight of Passage). As the only coaster in the park, it is a favorite of thrill seekers. These Expedition Everest facts will hopefully help you enjoy it even more next time you visit the parks. 

1. Tallest Mountain
Disney loves their mountains. Of all the mountains Disney has Expedition Everest is the tallest at 199.5ft tall. Disney could have been taller, but they made it 199.5ft to avoid having to put an air traffic light at the top.

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2. Hidden Mickey
Most people don’t know, but Expedition Everest is one big hidden Mickey. The mountain makes up the head, and there are two track loops which become the ears.

3. Double Directions
One of the best parts of Expedition Everest is when you go backward after almost falling off the mountain. In fact, Everest was the first Disney coaster that went both forwards and backward.

4. Not Everest
While the attraction itself is called Expedition Everest You are not, in fact, traveling through Everest on your journey. Instead, you are venturing through “Forbidden Mountain” a fictional mountain residing close to Everest itself.

5. Rotating Track
In order for your cart to roll both forwards and backward Disney employed two sets of rotating tracks. You can actually see the second track to take if you are in the front car during the Yeti cave scene. Watching this somehow makes the ride scarier.

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6. Yeti Animatronic?
When the attraction first opened the Yeti in the mountain moved. Now since the Yeti was so they 125ft tall to be exact) $ so heavy it started to hack the concrete foundation of the mountain. Because of this damage, the Yeti was switched off and instead you just see him with strobe lights flashing.

7. Hair Ties
One strange thing you will notice when riding is in the area when the vehicle stops at the broken track. If you look at the mountain on the sides you will see a bunch of hair ties. This is a strange thing that travelers to Everest partake in.

8. Authentic Gear
All of the gear an equipment used in the attraction queue is actually authentic. Disney  Imagineers purchased many of the items from Nepalese stores. There are also items in the queue that come from the base of Everest itself.

9. $100,000, 000
Everest holds the title as being the most expensive roller coaster in the world. Disney really spared me expense on making this headliner perfectly executed.

10. All That Green
Expedition Everest really brings you to a whole other world. There are over 114 species of plant -surrounding the coaster. This includes more than I 0 species of trees, el 4 different types of bamboo.

As you can see There is so much more to Expedition Everest than what you see while looking the the Forbidden Mountain. Hopefully you will be able to more thoroughly appreciate and enjoy this thrilling attraction the next time you are in Animal Kingdom.

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