Time is money at Disney World. Nothing can ruin a good Disney trip than having to spend hours in line waiting for every single attraction and thus feeling like you are not getting your monies worth. There will always be different fastpass strategies and fastpass secrets that you can use to mitigate this issue. 

The following fastpass tips and tricks are tried, true, tested and ones we use every time we go to the parks. 

These Fastpass secrets will help you to upgrade your next Disney World vacation by helping you spend less time in line.

1. Make sure you know your FastPass dates

The first tip to making sure you secure the best FastPasses at the best time is to know when your FastPass booking window is. This means that you can start booking at 60 days out starting at 7 am EST if you are staying on property, and 30 days out if staying off property.

You would be surprised how many people do not know exactly when they are able to book their FastPasses and thus are at a disadvantage. By knowing your FastPass date you are already ahead of the pack and are on your way of upgrading your Disney World vacation.

Make sure you know all of the important dates for planning your Disney World vacation

2. Book early in the day

By booking your Fastpass times early in the day you will be able to look on the app while you are in the park and get more Fastpasses later. This does not necessarily mean that you book them right away in the morning as the wait times tend to be less when early, but that you plan to start using them within the first couple of hours.

This strategy benefits you in that once you use your first three Fastpasses for the day you are then able to open up the app and get more one at a time as the day goes on.

3. Read up on the Fastpass tiers at the different parks 

At the Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot there are different tiers of FastPasses. This means that you can only book one FastPass from tier one, and the other two have to be from tier 2. The most popular rides are tier 1.

How to maximize and plan your fastpasses for your disney vacation in 2019. The best disney world tips and tricks for your fastpass selections for you disney vacation.

4. Know what Rides are fastpass priorities

One fastpass secret that people often overlook is knowing which attractions are the main priority to Fastpass, and which ones have the longest waits. Make sure to read up on the top three Fastpass priorities for each park so you are not wasting one of these important line skip passes on an attraction like Dumbo or Journey into your Imagination.

5. Use fastpass in conjunction with rider swap

One popular expert fastpass secret is that you can use your fastpasses in conjunction with rider swap to effectively double a couple of your fastpasses.

The way you do this is by going up to the ride attendant and asking for a rider switch at that time you and can go through the fastpass line to ride while your child who does not meet the height requirements stays with the person who got the rider switch. Once the first person is done the second can go through the fastpass line with up to two other riders using the rider swap. This means that you only need a fastpass for two out of 4 people if you have a little one with you on rides that they cannot meet the height requirement.

6. start scheduling your fastpasses backwards

When your trip fastpass window opens up it not only opens for the first day of your trip, but it opens all the way to the last as well.

When you go to book your trip that means that you will have a better chance of booking starting backward as fewer people will be able to book their fastpass at this time and you will have more availability. 

7. Don’t be afraid to modify

Once you have your fastpasses set do no think that you are stuck with how they are set up. You can always modify any fastpass you have to either a different attraction or a different time.

This is a great fastpass tip to use during your park day as you can easily grab any attraction you want at whatever time is available and then easily modify it to get an earlier or more ideal time for your party. It is easier to get a better time using this method since the attraction you are trying to modify gets moved up to the top of the list and you do not need to keep scrolling to where it is in the app. 

8. use your tier two passes strategically

Every park beside the Magic Kingdom has its own Fastpass tiers which means that you can only book one tier 1 Fastpass per day early. This means that for your other two FastPasses they will need to be for tier 2 rides which are less popular.

You can always get another tier 1 attraction FastPass while you are in the park, but you must either use your tier two attractions or let the times on them expire. The other option you have is to scan into your second tier 2 attraction, and yet not see the show or go on the ride and instead immediately try to book another tier-one attraction in the park of your choice. 

Disney vacation tips and tricks for scheduling and getting the best fastpasses.

9. check back starting a week before your trip for different passes or times

People are constantly changing their Disney plans and this is especially true during the week leading up to their trips. This is the best time to get a coveted fastpass attraction or time slot besides when your fastpass window opens up. Make sure to open up your app everyday for the week leading up to our trip to see if you can score a fastpass that you were not able to get when you originally planned your trip. The best times of day to use this fastpasss secret is at 7 am EST, and around 10 pm EST.

Check HERE for an expert level fastpass trick

10.check throughout your park day for new passes to pop up

As other people cancel, and modify their fastpass reservations the My Disney Experience app updates and puts that fastpass back out for others to grab onto. This tends to happen very often and very quickly during the day. You can sometimes easily get some of the hardest to get fastpasses while you are at the parks by opening up the app and checking to see what is there. 

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